Blanc Perle / Cinza Penalva 

Granite with a white to beige-grey colour and a homogeneous, medium to coarse-grained structure. This speckled granite consists of white feldspars, transparent (beige)grey quartz and black biotite minerals. Concentrations of black minerals (biotite) may occur.

Petrographic Data

Magmatic plutonic rock, granite with biotite

• Main Minerals: alkali-feldspar, quartz, plagioclase, biotite

• Secondary Minerals: muscovite

Geological age: Carboniferous (350 – 280 Ma)


Blanc Perle has very good technical characteristics. Because of its low porosity, water and grease can hardly penetrate. The compressive strength and wear resistance of this material is high. That is why it can be used for a lot of purposes.

• Window sills
• Worktops
• Facade
• Terraces
• Sills, door & window frames
• Ornamentals & garden decorations
• Floors
• Wall covering
• Gravestones
• Pavement
• Stairs




• Polished
• Ground
• Honed


• Sandblasted
• Anciento
• Flamed
• Letano
• Aquapower


Hardness 6 – 7 MOHS
Apparant Density 2630 kg/m3
Porosity 0.70 volume %
Compressive Stength 179 +- 14 N/mm2
Flexural Strength 15.7 +- 0.6 N/mm2
Wear Resistance 17.6 mm
Frost Resistance Resistant
Waterabsorption 0.30 mass%
Anchoring Resistance 3500 N





We can supply blocks, slabs, tiles, cobblestones and wall blocks.